Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today a non free market place economy cannot exist without most of its people starving half to death. That is contrary to what the anti-capitalist ingrates think.

In past history dictators and authoritarian governments would use their armies to make weaker countries supply them with food and resources, or starve most of their own people half to death. In this modern nuclear age bulling and taking over weaker countries and living off the spoils is not going to be tolerated.

No one works extra hard and produces when someone else is sitting on their ass and receiving an equal reward. In a non free market system like that everyone tries to do the least to eat and avoid being shot.

With Fannie and Freddie gobbling up all of the real estate and their boss the federal government gobbling up banks and the automobile industry it won’t be long before we citizens will be just peons.

Here is something else you can chew on, whoever are the provider rules and it sure ain't the American people anymore like it was before the "New deal."

Unless a way is found to vote the federal government out of its super sugar daddy provider role it is only a matter of time before a dictator seizes power.

However, the American voters still has the power and must stop this now because practically all politicians loves the God like power that comes with being a super sugar daddy provider and will not yield one inch.

It may already be too late with so many needy government dependents.

SIRMANS’ LOG: 11 MARCH 2010, 1355 HOURS.

A lot of people wonder and can't understand why would our politicians send our jobs overseas? At one time they were actually subsidizing and encouraging companies to move out of the country. These are not bad people they mean well like all liberals.

Since the “New deal” liberals from both political parties have tax fed a welfare state baby into what we have now a full grown welfare state beast. And many will sell their soul, their country, and whatever they can get their hands on to keep feeding this welfare state beast.

It is very simple the liberals sent our jobs overseas in order to keep feeding our welfare state beast. Even back in the 1980’s the increasing tax bite on big business was more than they could carry and stay in business, otherwise the USA economy would have collapsed in the early 1990’s.

So, in order to keep feeding the welfare state beast they knew big business must have a way to cut expenses. Politicians decided cheap labor was the way to help big business keep generating the tax money to keep their welfare state beast fed. That same thinking is what created globalization, which in my view is a fool's game.

So they greased the fast track and off went our jobs out of the country. This liberal created welfare state beast has corrupted us all too some degree how else would we keep voting the same big spenders back into office. Lord have mercy. SIRMANS’ LOG: 10 MARCH 2010, 1834 HOURS.

Why demagogue the insurance companies, they don’t have a gun to anyone’s head making them buy, if they don’t make a profit they don’t survive.


When this welfare state beast forces all insurance companies out of business you are going to prison or lose everything you own if don’t pay a lot more than you are paying now. Government operate on power not market forces, you'll find out!!!


Perspective is the reason why my great wisdom is superior to most. I see the one leg economy in relationship to the three other legs of the four legged survival stool.
Whereas, the tunnel vision of most economists is guided by facts and figures as far as the eye can see. "Natural selection (the invisible hand)" controls an economy, in time facts and figures will always fail. The other three legs to the survival stool can be found in reading Freddie L. Sirmans’ books and writings.


I am speaking with divine supernatural wisdom when I say the only way I see to save the USA as one nation with individual freedom still intact is to first abolish the minimum wage. Next, abolish almost all taxes on businesses and everything else except a very small property tax.

Third, kick the government out of its provider role by privatizing damn near everything and setup mass emergency public kitchens, shelters, and clinics, and then I'll guarantee you entrepreneurs and the free market will save this great nation intact. Of course this won’t happen or even be considered.

Power always goes down with the ship and is going to take all of us down, too. Throughout history there has never been a nation that changed course knowingly headed for a crash. It may not be the type of rope it wants but at least I have thrown the nation a life line.

I know almost everyone is thinking, “Oh my God,” the government needs more money not less to take care of more and more people. Wrong, that is the mentality that got this great nation in this mess.

If we could just get the government out of the free market place and its provider role it would automatically guarantee our survival, but, I’m just one lone writer ranting and raving before deaf ears, how sad.


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  1. Well is soup kitchens are going to grow instead of diminish, I say we need to all learn how to till a garden and make soup.