Tuesday, May 11, 2010

IMMIGRATION HYPOCRITES GALORE! scroll down to read article

I believe the main reason why the 10th amendment is totally ignored today is because of the passing of the 17th amendment. It wasn't obvious at the time but it has destroyed the balance of power between the federal government and the states.

In a real showdown the states no longer has any real power in congress because the senate is now mostly controlled by special interest. Without repealing the 17th amendment there is no stopping our welfare state beast created by liberals from both political parties.

Every day this beast is consolidating more and more power and soon states will be just designated regions. God I ask in your name, save this last bastion of true freedom in the world today, still the home of the brave, proud, and free.

I'm going to give you the cold steel or rock hard facts on immigration because no one else is going to say it out loud. The first fact is it will be impossible to solve the immigration symptom and I say symptom because the welfare state is the root problem.

All I hear is a lot of hypocritical nonsense on the subject and no one wanting to face cold hard facts. The USA can’t feed itself or survive if it had to depend only on Americans to do field work and many other hard labor jobs.

Sure, I hear a lot of talk to the otherwise that is cheap, but try to tell a farmer with his harvest rotting in the field that kind of nonsense. You may not agree with me but I’ll tell you how to solve the immigration problem, kick the welfare state the hell out of its super sugar daddy social and family provider role. And send it back to its designated role of collecting taxes, and protecting and defending the country.

As long as we have our existing welfare state it is futile and a waste of time and grandstanding for any politician to talk about solving the immigration symptom.

Far too many able bodied men in America don’t have to work and especially doing hard labor, they can always sponge off of a mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother that is on the dole. For God sake, give me a break America.

President Ronald Wilson Reagan only had to deal with 3 millions illegals and here we are around 30 years later and around 30 millions illegals and guess what, many of the same people are still around singing the same old cop-out blues.

For God sake, give these people season work permits so they can come and go as they please and stop being hypocrites and face reality. They won’t go home now because they are afraid they can’t come back and work, a work permit is the only sensible thing to do.

Otherwise, they won’t go home and in a few years we'll have 50 million and the same old song will still be playing and nothing will have changed as long as this welfare state has any say.

Europe doesn't have the illegal immigration problem like in the USA. The reason is they use a common sense approach like a guest worker permit.

However, something so simple and reasonable will never happen in the USA because the liberals are more interesting in gaining new voters to keep them in power than solving the problem.

I think putting ethanol in gasoline was one of the cruelest hoaxes ever pulled on the American people. Anyone that have an older or any car that is seldom driven is going to have problems.

With ethanol in it gasoline deteriorates so rapid that the gas tank needs draining after a month or so if not used. Plus, sooner or later it is going to drive the cost of all corn products out of sight.

I have an old classic car that I seldom drive and I gotta find me some ethanol free gasoline somewhere. Sometime later, shame on you Freddie Sirmans Sr, for thinking there is still individual freedom left in the USA to buy ethanol free gasoline!

Hell, how was I to know that it is mandated by the Feds that ethanol free gasoline can no longer be found in this great free country. I guess I will just have to drain all of the gas out of my old classic car and keep the tank empty or run the hell out of it. Wakeup America!

SIRMANS LOG: 12 MAY 2010, 0029 HOURS.


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  1. Isnt it interesting? I was having the same "Ethanol" conversation a few days ago...One could only assume that there has to be something to it.......