Saturday, February 6, 2010


People are being told that the economy is going to recover, well, in my opinion that is like believing in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. All government income is taken out of the profit margins of some kind of businesses or business transaction and in more and more cases not leaving enough profit for the business to survive.
No business can exist without making a profit. Every day local, state, and the federal government is taking in less and less revenue due to business failures, that is because of too high taxes, fees, permits, license costs, and on and on.
Instead of the government decreasing taxes and cutting spending it is doing just the opposite by hiring thousands of new employees and increasing spending by the trillions. It is not possible to get blood out of a turnip, but it seems the federal government is trying to do just that. God, I ask in your name save this great land of the free.
Come on folks, why crucify the man for letting his kids talk on the air traffic control radio. What’s done is done, why take away the man’s livelihood. What really need to be done is ban all kids from air traffic control towers, period. Only liberals and shallow minded people that can’t take a joke would treat an innocent lack of good judgment like a murder case.
Just as Hoover couldn't stand in the way of a baby welfare state, there was absolutely no way Bunning could continue standing in the way of this full grown super welfare state beast. We are doomed!!!

All government income originates from some form of private sector excess profit, period. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that fact. Keeping this welfare state beast fed is the cause for us eating our seed corn and still we won't kill this beast and free ourselves.

Not only that, it has almost destroyed any means for the USA to remain a civilized nation. It has almost destroyed our nuclear and extended family system, our moral and family values (homosexual porn can't be avoided), and any emergency bartering capacity for economical survival.

And only now a few people seem to be gravely concern, mainstream media is still out to lunch. All of the answers and solutions can be found in Freddie L. Sirmans
books and writing.

And another thing, true individual freedom is about common sense and thinking for yourself. Be aware, there are many false prophets today with the gift of gab that can be super charming and extremely mesmerizing with a new twist.

Cock and bull conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen, as long as one never forget to do the thinking and deciding for themselves. Freedom also means deciding if I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. with all of my free advice am some type of snake oil salesman myself, I think not, you decide.

A strong nuclear and extended family system is responsible for paying for those that can't pay their own medical cost. Insurance companies don't have a gun to any one's head making them buy.

The only thing the federal government should be responsible for is paying for national defense, administrative, and a few interior cost, period, anything else is against the constitution.

Overwhelmingly the thinking is all wrong in this great country, we have lost our way and is chasing a rainbow. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, only heart ache and pain.

I think it's around 25,000 homes mortgages lost every day in the USA. Well, that tallies up to a lot of people not paying property taxes and is a big loss of revenue for local governments.

Sometimes I feel my writing is not getting traction, then I axe myself what is the alternative, to give up on saving freedom in America, me, never.

I'm so sick and tired of hearing this big lie that the bail out money avoided a depression in the USA. Hog wash, poppycock, Bull crap, or whatever, there ain't gonna be a depression in the USA because we no longer have the culture or the infrastructure to support a depression.

With the course we are on it is no longer a matter of a collapse, it's now when will it hit. With no emergency backup bartering capacity we will zip right pass a depression stage to the next stage, total chaos or some type of authoritarian rule.

All of the remedies and solutions to save the USA are found in my books and writing. You avoid a depression by getting the government the hell out of private enterprise and its super sugar daddy provider role, period. SIRMANS’ LOG: 14 FEBRUARY 2010, 1543 HOURS.

A nation's long term survival depends on maintaining and safe-guarding a strong culture. A strong culture means having a strong nuclear and extended family system, a strong family and moral code in place, and a minimum bartering capacity.

Money as a currency is vastly more efficient than bartering, still paper money is supposed to represent a physical currency backup, and a physical currency backup is supposed to represent goods and services.

The physical currency backup link has been compromised thereby allowing a false economy to thrive. And the price for that has been the destruction of our culture and any backup capacity to barter, which is insane. Culture and bartering is civilization, you can't have one without the other.

Civilization and bartering existed long before money or a currency was invented. A nation with a strong culture and emergency backup bartering capacity can survive without money, but no amount of money can save a nation with a weak culture and no emergency backup bartering capacity.

Our welfare state beast is about to finish off destroying what's left of our culture and less than minimum bartering capacity. There are simply not enough people in the USA growing and raising their own food, and the price we are going to pay is mass starvation sooner than we think.

A nation can't have adequate emergency backup bartering capacity unless enough people have their own food to barter with. we can’t keep having our cake and eating it too. There is no foreign enemy spending this country into oblivion, it is people “We” ourselves are voting into office.
If I have to repeat it 10,000 times, "Natural selection" is what controls economics. Just like it is as equal important to be able to forget thing as it is to remember things except we never realizes it. The same applies to economics, it is just as important to have purges or busts as it is to have booms, you can't have one without the other.

The secret to everything in life is balance, even good and evil. How else is Mother Nature going to control moral decay, gross inefficiency, and over powering corruption without collapses and rebirths? Leaders of old knew this wisdom. Now, far too many people believe that big government should come in and prevent all failure, a very big mistake.

That closes off all safety valves to the system itself and allows the negative and anti survival forces to survive and become more and more powerful until they bring down the whole system. You can’t have an economy without booms and busts, it is a life cycle the way nature designed it.

Man’s responsibility is to safeguard and keep a strong enough culture to survive and get through rebirths or busts whenever they occur. When small rebirths or busts occur, no problem, the problem is when the small rebirth safety valves are shut off by preventing failures like we have done, now the whole system is about to blow.

Mr. Sirmans with his great wisdom has laid out the solutions and remedies in his books and writing.