Thursday, June 4, 2009


We have all of our survival eggs in one basket; I think that is dumb, stupid, or just plain naive. No matter what name you may call me it won’t prove me wrong. Freedom in the USA will soon be over if good men of wisdom continue to say nothing.

Like a broken record as long as I have the freedom to I’m going to stay stuck on shouting to all who will listen that the USA must cut taxes to the bone across the board. I believe there is no way freedom can survive very much longer in the USA unless taxes are cut to the bone across the board.

I base this on a lack of good judgment and wisdom because our welfare state has destroyed good judgment in 95 percent of the American voters. No government with a strong survival instinct and proper judgment would allow all of its survival eggs to be in just one basket.

Good men took the course of least resistance and allowed a “New Deal’ baby to slowly grow and take away our nations independent frontier like spirit. Now, with our welfare state beast planted firmly in control as a social and nuclear family provider there is very little power the average Joe/Jane has except to vote.

And that is practically worthless, because he lacks the judgment to vote for what is in the long term best interest of his country in my opinion. Today the survival of over 300 million Americans are in only one basket our sugar daddy welfare state provider, and when it collapses there won't be any order, except out of the barrel of a gun.

There will never be enough tax dollars to ever satisfy our welfare states appetite. That means it is only a matter of time before our welfare state tax bleeds us to death. When that happens it will mean millions upon millions of dependent Americans are going to be left physical and culturally unprepared for survival.

That is why no matter what they call me as long as I have breath in my body I’m going to continue to plead, yell, turn flips, or whatever to stress the dangers of not rebuilding our nuclear and extended family system, even if no one ever listens. The following No's used to be three additional egg baskets, but not anymore.

We have almost no strong nuclear and extended family system left, especially among African Americans. We have almost no strong moral and family values left, a kid can hardly use a computer without being exposed to smut. We have no adequate emergency bartering capacity with small farmers and home gardeners left to give this nation time to save our freedom if a calamity strikes.

Instead good men for years has stood by and let the shallow minded liberals slowly destroy this great nation with this welfare state. Sure, if taxes were cut to the bone across the board it will cause much, much hardship and suffering, but it will give this great nation a fighting chance to survive with our freedom intact.

Otherwise, we can sell the last of our soul and pride and this welfare state is still going to collapse. If we don’t act first and Mother Nature has to steps in herself to enforce its natural selection law we will have no control and that could mean back to the stone age.

One positive, is a tax cut to the bone across the board will reset government back to default which is the way the founding fathers designed it to be. The USA government was never designed to be a social and nuclear family provider.

The USA government was designed to protect the nation from both internal and external threats, and do only the bare necessary things the citizens couldn’t do for themselves. However, since the welfare state has made millions upon millions of citizens solely dependent on the government for survival they can never be abandoned.

Therefore, added to governments responsibility to protect the nation from internal and external threats, it now has an additional duty to provide community shelters, kitchens, and medical clinics, but very little else. The reason for little else is the Nuclear and extended family must be rebuilt at all cost and that can never happen unless there is a survival need for it.

A woman must have a survival need for a man, and a man must have a survival need for a woman for any society to survive long term. With the government out of private business and out of the way, then like a Phoenix rising up out of the ashes private enterprise with entrepreneurs will save our great country with our freedom intact.

On the other hand, to continue down the doomsday road we are on by trying to keep tax feeding our welfare state beast we are going to end up losing our freedom our country and everything else when this beast finish taxing us to death.

Like I’ve said before our welfare state is going to soon fall from its own weight because with the printing presses humming 24-7 it still won’t be enough to keep this ferocious tax eating beast fed. Our greatest threat is to keep masses of people from starving, but never under estimate the American spirit. The old American frontier spirit is not all dead, yet.

We will survive. Excuse me for getting a little long winded. Thank you God for my life, health, and strength.....


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  1. I am so stunned at the Third World existence of many in a Developed Nation. When I visited NY I was shocked at the poverty in this 'Great Country'. I was sad and thought that it would be better there than in the U.K.