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All big tax and spenders are not liberals but there is no doubt they are the ones leading the herd. I’ll go even farther and say that most of the people that are for higher and higher taxes are shallow and selfish. They lack the perspective and depth to understand cause and effect.

Liberals can’t see the human factory in dealing with people; they think when you tax the hell out of a person it ends there. They don’t understand the relativity effect. They either don’t understand or don’t care that when you raise taxes it always changes behavior, what is that if not selfish.

They don’t understand that today even the middle income folks has to spend every red cent trying too keeping up. They don’t understand the money the government is taking and squandering is not kept in that person’s community providing a livelihood for some hard working soul.

Liberals think someone like me is mean, cold, and uncaring, wrong. They think someone like me is against helping the poor, wrong. I’m against conditioning the poor to be a dependent. The liberals have it backward with helping the poor.

The liberals believe in helping the poor first and then begging them to help themselves, whereas I believe in forcing the poor to try to help themselves first then I’ll give the shirt off my back to someone genuine trying to survive. I understand why the liberal media and others see someone like me as uncaring and out of touch.

That is because they have never paid a severe price for survival. Throughout history almost nothing of any true lasting value has come about without some type of great struggle. Almost my whole existence has been and is still about a severe mental struggle to survive with pride and dignity.

No one has to tell me how it feels to be ridiculed, laughed at, humiliated, and counted out even to the extreme. I have experienced and know what severe self-hate and self-shame feels like, and you tell me I don’t care and has no feeling for the down trodden, yet, I have survived and am still standing.

No one can convince me I have an excuse for failure. I know personally that to try and keep trying works. I know the true power of forgiveness, or I wouldn’t be still standing. Please excuse me for a little self-serving on speaking about me personally but sometimes things just need to be said.

The thing about survival is there are things no one can see or understand unless they personally pay the price. That is why destiny has brought me, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr’s out of the wood works to sound the alarm. I may seemingly be unqualified, uneducated, neurotic, and counted out but sounding the alarm must go forth, regardless.22 JULY 2009, 1315 HOURS, ADD ON.
The United States of America has been around over 200 years and in my opinion its survival is under the gravest threats ever. But, very few people know what the gravest threat of all is or even have the wisdom to believe it when told.

There is no sense in me beating around the bush building up suspense. “Too many people believing more government is the answer” is in my view the gravest of all threats this great country ever faced.

When you go back before the “New deal” when this “More government mentality” first got a foot in the door around 80 years ago, then it was the nuclear and extended family system that kept the hungry fed and the homeless off the streets. Since then it’s been all down hill ever since. There is no sense in me going on and on trying to convince shallow minds.

I’ll sum it up by saying unless taxes are cut to the bone across the board to bring back a survival need for the nuclear and extended family system there will be no saving the USA as one nation. I may not be right about a lot of things but there is no doubt that I’m right on this.

If my wisdom is ignored it really won’t matter what other actions are taken the USA as we know it will not survive. There has never been and never will be a society that survived long term without a healthy nuclear and extended family system, “You can look it up.” God I ask in your name save my homeland.
22 JULY 2009, 1829 HOURS, 2ND ADD ON.
No form of government is going to succeed without an adequate nuclear and extended family system foundation in place. A lot of people are concerned about this nation going completely socialist when it looks like the government is trying to seize absolute power.

Well, my take on this whole scenario is, dealing with a depression or going socialist would be a cakewalk to what I believe we are about to face. I believe the USA and western civilization is about to face chaos and the total breakdown of society when this global economy fails.

I base this on the fact that the welfare state system has almost completely destroyed the fabric that holds any society together. The things I’m talking about are an adequate nuclear and extended family system, an adequate moral and family value system, and an adequate emergency backup bartering capacity.

We as a nation have very little of any of those survival tools left. This is something I have been yelling about for years, still, ain’t nobody listening, how sad.
24 JULY 2009, 0834 HOURS, 3RD ADD ON.
I see where the minimum wage is going up again. I am against any minimum wage so you know up front where I stand on the issue. Next to the welfare state I believe the minimum wage is the second most destructive thing that has been done to free enterprise in America and Western Europe.

It is like General motors building a vehicle with no reverse, which of course no one would buy. You can’t have success without failure. You can’t have progress without mistakes. You can’t grow big without starting small. The higher the minimum wage the harder it is to start at all. We can't survive with no one providing any jobs.

The problem is very few people including economist truly understand the foundation of economics. Almost everyone thinks cutting taxes to the bone will destroy the USA, wrong. Sure, it would be a nightmare and would destroy wealth as we know it along with all of the crud, inefficiency, moral decay, and everything else choking this country to death.

But, out of the rebirth would spring forth more greatness than ever before; otherwise the course of higher and higher taxes we are on is guaranteed doom.

The liberals for many years have been slowly tightening the screws closing off all common sense and it’s now beginning to come to a head. I have said many times it is not the amount of dollars that matters; it is really the buying power of the dollar that matters.

A million dollars is not going to keep you alive if there is no food to buy or if those that have it won’t sell. No amount of modern technology or materialistic creature comfort is going to matter if you don’t have food to eat.
So, when you see all of this reckless printing of worthless money that is promoting a farther culture decline, it is only a matter of time before starvation raises it ugly head. Food and culture goes hand in hand and our culture is almost gone, lack of food will soon follow, whether you believe me or not. I rest my case.

Economic lecture # 9
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  1. Hi Freddy,
    it is not what you have to say that many don't want to hear, as you say on what you call your homepag.

    I find it difficult to follow your thinking, as you pack too much into a blog or call it an article threat.
    Normally, I am a person who likes to think in a broader context.

    However, with all you tell us about your mind on the minimum wage, i must confess, I am getting rather confused.

    OK, all is very involved but please, make it easier to follow your reasoning.
    I would appreciate, if you could split up more into short sections of blogs. That's what blogs are for. Right?